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I believe many people love diecast car models, especially the “daily car” as our collection. In the outdoors we can see the our “owned” cars, that was a very funny thing.

Speaking to collection, first of all, we should have a simple understanding of the chinese original car model. An original diecast car, it’s usually takes six months from production to distribution. During this process, the car manufacturers provided the original car data of drawings, or even a real car to the diecast factory. Diecast factory according to the relevant data to produce prototype and sent it back to the car manufacturers. According to the original car data check the scale and details. If not accurate, it is needed to send back the diecast factory and having an improvement.

This pre-process generally takes two or three months. Prototype version of the model car appropriate to open a mold to produce a sample vehicle, sent to the car manufacturers, confirm the signature, then the sample will be sealed. As the standard to producing diecast. Of course, there are a few model cars and the real car is listed at almost the same time, such as Nissan QASHQAI. This is mainly the manufacturer in determining the real car and diecast car to be produced at the same time.

At present, many chinese car manufacturers mostly are based on their marketing campaign to produce the diecast model. Due to the growing popularity of car model culture, the car manufacturers also have a higher attention of diecast model. Nowadays a lot of common features of original car models is “multi-functional”, not just limited to “four door can be opened”. Skylights, fuel tank cap can be opened, the interior of the seat can be moved, and even made a spare tire and jack …… And so rich in details, leaving more and more people fall in love with chinese original models.

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