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Volkswagen GOLF 5 GTI
GOLF 5 GTI can be said to be the pinnacle of the GTI since ancient times, it not only has the advanced equipment and technology, robust and full of classic style makes it all evoke the memories and longing of golf GTI. Water tank cover on the red trim is from the second generation Golf GTI retro design, with a modern honeycomb inlet combined into a classic avant-garde  appearance features.
Although the body size to further enlarge, not only  for more  interior space, but with careful adjustment, the new design of the suspension system, creating a stable and  dynamic performance, no need particularly strong driving skills, GOLF 5 GTI is a tiger.
  GOLF 5 GTI is excelent in the engine and transmission with the 2.0-liter TFSI engine ,using in-cylinder fuel stratified injection technology, this thin combustion technology not only in exchange for a more economical Fuel consumption performance, but also to the power output of GTI to 200hp, for this size hatchback models, it can be quite amazing.
  However, GOLF 5 GTI to play a real performance and value of the device, it is currently widely used in the Volkswagen Group DSG dual-clutch gearbox. GOLF 5 GTI, the previous GTI cars are purebred manual transmission design, in the past manual transmission performance but purely a symbol of the vehicle, DSG gearbox, the performance of the car on behalf of the Mechanical design into another new era; DSG gearbox through the internal operation of the two clutch interaction, creating a power shift gears without interruption of the power transmission process.
GOLF 5 GTI’s interior is equipped with a very vintage-style plaid velvet, which is not only tribute to the classic , while texture is also a first-class, special bucket seats provide high driving and passengers enjoy the ride; Exquisite interior texture also let golf GTI became a forest car.


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