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Car manufacturers normally take their newly released cars to the mountains, deserts or polar regions to take some stunning commercials. It tends to consume lots of money spending on transportation, place, and facility renting, drivers hiring and etc. Is there any other way that can both save money and have the same visual effect?

Felix Hernandez Rodriguez actually comes up with some methods to replace the traditional advertisement shooting way. This Mexican photographer is good at using miniature models and small props to set up scenes to shoot fantasy images,so he calls his artworks as ‘Dreamphography’.  His creativity and superb photographic technology have attracted some famous car brands to collaborate with him to shoot car advertising blockbusters.

Felix’s first car advertising shooting was for Audi R8. He combined real scenes with his own miniature scenes and props and uses a 1/18 car model to create a textured blockbuster with clever composition and lighting.

Soon after, Audi gave him the task of shooting Audi Q2 again. This time he used a 1/43 model car and built a small desert and road.

He said he learned a lot during the shoot. That is because smaller models require more elaborate and realistic scenes. He finished the indoor shoot with foam, LED lights and sandpaper.

For desert photography, Felix used a very fine mixture of powder and water to create tiny dunes.

Recently, he was commissioned to shoot an AD for the Volkswagen Beetle.

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