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10.BMW Welt& BMW Museum

Located next to the four-cylinder building of BMW Headquarters, the BMW Museum has a bowl-shaped appearance with 125 exhibits and 7 themed exhibition halls. It was first built in 1973, rebuilt in 2004~2008. BMW Welt was built on the opposite side.

The museum not only shows important models, technological breakthroughs, and design evolution in the history of BMW, but also includes racing cars, concept cars, and motorcycles.

The latest models are displayed in BMW Welt, and MINI, BMW motorcycles, and even Rolls-Royce models will be fully open for visitors to sit in the driver’s seat for a full experience.

Senior technical expert of BMW world will be there to answer questions. If visitors want to experience the feeling of driving a BMW during the visit, they can rent their dream BMW by the hour.

It is also the largest delivery center for BMW in the world, where BMW owners can directly drive home directly, and BMW will hold a special pick-up ceremony for it. Everyday 50 BMW owners can greet their car at BMW WELT.


BMW also offers a youth learning area for children aged 7 to 13, to introduce them to some technical knowledge in a children-friendly way.


9.Volkswagen car city


The car city was built next to the Volkswagen headquarters in Germany. It opened in 2000 and integrates museums, driving technology training, brand pavilions and car towers. It is the second most visited theme park in Europe, with an annual attendance of 2 million. In the automobile city, other brands under the Volkswagen Group, Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, SEAT, Skoda have special brand pavilions.

The biggest highlight is the two 20-story glass car towers, which are known as “the world’s most dazzling garage”. There are about 800 cars parked inside. The Volkswagen new car that has just off the assembly line will stop here. There is underground under the tower. The underground tunnels below the tower connect the factory to the customer pick-up center. “Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Agreement” was shot in Volkswagen City. In order to do special effects, the crew also built a scaled-up car tower inspired by this one.

There is also an all-terrain off-road practice field in Volkswagen City. As long as you have a driver’s license, you can drive a cross-country off-road SUV.

Children also have an exclusive track that can be used to drive the electric mini-version of the Beatles, as well as the reduced version of the road rules test. The children can pass the simulation exam and get the first simulated driver’s license in life.

In addition, visitors can make appointments to visit the Volkswagen factory to see the grand occasion of thousands of robots and hundreds of employees working together.


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