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On October 20, the 2018 Honda FIT Million Fans party and Guinness World Records Challenge Ceremony was held in Guangzhou. This evening, ‘FIT’ planned a carnival for millions of fans and altogether in creating the Guinness World Records!!

The highlight of the event was ” Guinness World Records -The Largest Car Model Puzzle (Pattern).” At the event site, the largest car model puzzle was unveiled. Four kinds of diecast car models were inlaid with nearly 16,000 PCS FIT model , covering an area of more than 25 feet. This is the challenge of Guinness world record jointly completed by ‘FIT’ fans. With the last car model embedded, Guinness formally announced the success of the challenge.

To create a vibrant event, Guangzhou Honda Automobile abandon the boring process, replaced by cool, fashionable fun game, and passional music. On the day of the activity, it attracted the attention of the Guangzhou tide people, and the scene was very lively.The enthusiasm of the fans was evident when the Guinness Certificate Officer announced the success of the challenge, and the atmosphere climaxed instantly.

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