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When the Countach S was introduced, they made it more nimble, easier to drive, by changing the high lift camshafts and use a lower compression ratio, resulting in only 353 hp, later, when the Countach S was imported into the United States, Lamborghini added emission equipment and power dropped to 325 hp.  So, converting an original LP400 into an S made sense for their owners, the result was a quicker car, so you do have Periscopio Lamborghini Countach LP400S models, and they are the most sought-after.  Rumour has it, only 24 Countach S actually got the ultra-expensive Bravo style magnesium wheels, later ones came with aluminum wheels which were much cheaper to fabricate.

During the production of the Lamborghini Countach S the suspension got raised about 3cm because many owners damaged the front spoiler, from chassis #1121312 on they even raised the roof from the inside by that amount to be able to fit a taller driver.  Keep in mind anyone over 180cm will have a hard time driving a Countach but here came the difference between a ‘low body Countach S ‘and the regular Countach S from, the earlier ones were effectively lower.

The Scale Model

Back to this 1:18 scale model, which is a Series 1 Lamborghini Countach LP400S with the Bravo style magnesium wheels, so it should be a ‘low body’ version?  As all of the raised Countach LP400S came with the other wheels fitted,  I don’t have the 1980 version from IDEA, I can’t verify if this model is really 3mm lower (60mm in real life), but the front spoiler does sit very low to the plinth, so it might be correct.

Before you ask, yes, this is a sealed resin model, nothing opens so there is no discussion on panel gaps, and you can’t see the engine, nor the spare wheel that’s under the front hood. And while the doors don’t open either, the plastic used for the windows is very clear, do note there is a little distortion on the side windows, but other than that the ‘glass’ looks great, and it even comes with that bleu tinted stripe at the top of the windshield.

When you look at this IDEA scale model, it just looks great, the look and feel are amazing, especially in this shade, I just love it. If you look really close you’ll notice the lower intakes on the front bumper do show a grid, but they are sealed, and that’s the way all intakes and vents are made, they sometimes have a grid in front, but in the end, they are sealed.  You don’t immediately notice it, but still.

The Lamborghini Countach comes with ‘pop-up’ headlights, these are closed on this IDEA model, but the turn signals just look amazing under their covers, which do come with the correct striped look, also the Carello lights in the bumper look just real, no pin in the middle. And the same goes for the taillights on this Countach scale model, it all looks genuine, which brings us to another detail, the badges.

At the front, you only get the famous Raging Bull crest, and it looks great, and very shiny, between the taillights you’ll find a Lamborghini script on the left and the Countach script on the right, together with the very special ‘S’ we’ve seen on the Miura before.  On this shade, all the rear badging is finished in black, but the factory also fitted white and gold-finished badges, while on the side the Bertone badge is fitted, there was never a ‘B’ on the side of the Countach as we saw on the Miura.

Looking inside we first pass a pair of small, black mirrors on the doors, I believe these are Vitaloni mirrors, and they look amazing, the windshield wiper is a very delicate piece of metal on this IDEA model, better be careful when cleaning this one, those tend to catch very quickly.

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