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As you move along to the rear, the first thing you’ll notice is the “918 Spyder” text in bright green. Fun fact: while this car uses the “Spyder” name, it is actually a Targa top. Most people favour a full-on convertible rather than a Targa top, so Porsche likely used that name for marketing purposes.

On this Welly reproduction, the 918 and Porsche text are done via stickers. It makes me sad to say the Porsche text is curved downwards starting with the “s’.” Lame, Welly. I know I shouldn’t complain too much because of the $75 price but, man, the spoiler doesn’t move. That is highly unfortunate because we all know how cool the 918 looks with it up. My final complaint on the exterior is the cheap look of exhaust pipes, something I always hate. Overall, the exterior isn’t as good as it could have been but is reasonable at this price.

The exterior was a mix of good and bad but the interior is better. The Acid Green trim brings the otherwise colourless interior to life. Beginning with the door panel, we can see it’s all carbon fibre. The weave pattern is visible on the exterior and looks stellar with a stripe of Acid Green across it. The door handles have also been made well. Unfortunately, though there were, unfortunately, specs of dried black paint on the silver handle. The silver-outlined decal gauges are legible enough to read and contrast the rest of the black plastic. But I wish the fuel gauge decal hadn’t been applied off-center.. My last OCD-oriented comment is about the steering wheel which my eye found a bit too thin. I saw a plumper version of the steering wheel in various photos I’ve seen of the full-size counterpart. 

The infotainment screen running down the space between the bucket seats is painted and labelled neatly. The buttons are a bit hard to read, but you can see that a level of effort was put into this part of the cabin. My last comment on the interior is a compliment: the seats are remade very well. The Porsche crest is embossed on the headrest, with “918 Spyder” written across it. 

Welly’s Porsche 918 could have been a fantastic price-performance purchase. That is, if the manufacturer spent a bit more time on overall quality and attention to detail. As it is, the price is steep for a model without an opening hood or engine compartment. On a $75 1/18, the manufacturing issue on the rear panel and crooked decals, shouldn’t be present. And the international buying experience challenges left a bad taste in my mouth. However, I’m glad to own this car. Despite its flaws, the exterior and interior are replicated better than many other comparable diecast models. And, hey, it’s a member of the Trinity. Gotta love having all three at my house. If you want to add this to your collection, it’s still available in silver as a closed top like mine, but with limited supply left.

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