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This is the story of beauty and the beast.  Actually, it’s a simple review of the new AUTOart 1:18 Aston Martin Vantage 2019.  The beauty is in the design and the beast is the 503 horsepower under the bonnet, which by the way is borrowed from Mercedes-AMG.  The latest incarnation of the Aston Martin Vantage was thirteen years in making.  Yes, thirteen!

Some believe the latest design does not hit the mark on looks as the last platform did, these individuals need to apply for an eyewear exam.  All kidding aside, the Vantage is striking for every angle and has the performance to match.  All this adds to what we believe is the perfect sportscar.  No?

The Vantage has a shortlist of available colours from AUTOart’s portfolio, we wanted to play it safe, so the easy choice was Skyfall Silver.  In person, the colour is an absolute treat and embraces every inch of the eye-cathing design.  Team AUTOart is usually on point with paint application, no argument from our team here.

Overall shape and design are on point too.  Images we studied prove the model to be very accurate to the original design, most if not all styling cues are there.  This example from AUTOart also provides 360 access – access to the engine, rear storage and interior side are permitted.  That being said, the model overall does provide an exceptional job at executing panel gaps and shut lines.  One area we wanted to mention was the upper window trim dressed in chrome – beautifully executed, and an element of design a lower-priced brand many has overlooked.

The front of the Vantage is essentially occupied with a massive front grille, one reminiscent of the Aston Martin Vulcan – their track-inspired monster.  We love the look and also appreciate the fully perforated metal grille, curved to match the front design.  The surrounding grille trim is painted in high-gloss Black.  Headlight details are decent and feature the integrated turn signal.

Access to the motor is permitted.  The front sweeping hood is aided by quality hinge work and struts.  Operation on our example was flawless.  Inside the modern motor design does reveal much of the features observed on its big brother, though we find some areas are too bulky and require a little more definition or too plastic looking in appearance.

Some of the positives include badge presence, painted elements, the one we weigh the most is the painted chrome bolts/screws in the lower front shroud section.   Amazing how something so small inspires us!   The discriminating collector looking for the level of detail where the wiring for the strut towers is included for active suspension is not going to find it here.

The backside is more or less along the same lines.  AUTOart does an exceptional job replicating each element of design.  High-praise at executing the rear braking/taillights – the design here flows from one side to the other.  Quality emblem and directly underneath Aston Martin script are faithfully reproduced.

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