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The lower bumper section mirrors the original well right down to the perforation in the bumper.  Though, on closer inspection, AUTOart executes this detail by adding a separate piece of metal to simulate the look.  In reality, this design is intergraded within the bumper design.  Limitations aside, it still looks good.  And not to mention the centre reverse light (underneath the Vantage plate), something that could be easily missed due to size.

Inside the storage area, we find full carpeting throughout, this is truly done well.  Hints of Red accents in the upper section are found on the cargo divider and forward section.  The hatch door itself does feature quality hinges and struts, there is even a grab handle on the finished side of the hatch door.

Before we move inside, let’s take a look at the wheels.  To be honest, we’re huge fans of the chosen wheel option.  Though we’ll definitely give bonus marks for the uniqueness aspect.  As for AUTOart’s results here, excellent to say the least.  The wheels have a beautiful finish – the painted inners of the spokes parallel well with the unpainted bits.  Tires here are branded too.  Inner working of the braking equipment is excellent with the painted Red calipers with Aston Matin badging and slotted rotors front and rear – love the depth of detail on the slotted rotors!

Overall, the interior of the Aston Martin Vantage is safe.  The doors do provide the coined Aston Martin upswing.  The door cards themselves are nicely detailed too, though the speakers cover on each side could have used a little more refinement in the grille area.  The air-bag warning decal was a surprise.  It definitely made us chuckle.  See the above image.

Inside the cabin is appointed primarily in Black, there are some Red accents in the seating and door cards.  Looking at the dash,  Silver/chrome bits within here and within surrounding interiors elements help with the overall look. Interior carpeting mirrors the quality work from the aforementioned storage compartment.   AUTOart even added the knee guards within the lower centre console area.  Way cool!

Here’s what we didn’t like or should we say required a little more consideration.  Seatbelts are hard to see but available, though the material is rubber.  AUTOart also missed the Silver/Chrome trim around the primary instrument gauges just behind the steering wheel.  And finally, not sure if this an optional piece, the upper shroud on the centre console is painted matt Black, this should be carbon fibre.

For the most part, AUTOart does have a talent for producing some truly cool sportscars, especially those that highlight the Aston Martin badge.  The 2019 Aston Martin Vantage is along the same lines.  It is very good in short.

The model’s exterior and interior side does provide a gratifying finish.  It would be a welcomed addition to any Aston Martin fan or sports car fan in general on looks alone.  The added 360 access is always welcomed. And accessing the model’s features were repeated and executed with ease.  These results are what makes AUTOart so good, and places the Aston Martin Vantage on the recommended list.  Enjoy the pics!

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