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After appreciating the appearance, let’s check out the playability. In a word- The playability of PAUDI’s model is unquestionable.

Although the engine is not a separate part, you still can see all elements of the engine. Connected with the metal hinge. Finally, they give up the ”dog-leg” which is awesome!

Due to space limitations, the rear door can only using the dogleg + hydraulic rod, and the opening angle is not good enough.

I discover it by chance, this license plate light and the door open button are well portrayed!

One of the most important highlights of this model is the interior. Details are committed to replica the original car. Combine with the orange and black color will make the visual effect much better.

Central, Gear stick, and details of the seat.

Sunroof slides open.

The spare tire compartment in the trunk can also be opened.

The back seat can be folded down, which is normal as a SUV.

The details of the chassis are fabulous, the movable parts are regular: non-movable suspension plus active suspension, it can be seen that this is a four-wheel-drive version of the model, the drive shaft has also been made.

Nissan Rogue is a home SUV. In fact, it is also officially launched with the Sport version. Although it is only a small change in appearance, it looks better. For example, the early version of the Rogue Sport is sharper than the regular version, but the round fog lights are a bit lovely.

The latest version of the Nissan Rogue Sport is much better. The front bumper is tougher after the small change, the key is the larger size of the wheel, but with ordinary calipers are a bit cheap.

The X-trail/Rogue actually a relatively old model on the market, but the sales volume is frightening high. After all, the reputation is good, performance not bad, reasonable price, although the shape is not outstanding, as a home SUV, the Nissan X-trail/Rogue still very competent. This Paudi’s made diecast cars, quality is stunning, I can’t wait for this product released . I heard that they will have Red, Blue, and White color.

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