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All of us are familiar with Nissan X-trail,  it’s also one of the most common Nissan cars in the street. Both of China and the United States people are love SUVs, especially the X-trail which is a reasonable price and good quality is very popular in these two countries. We call Nissan X-trail as Rogue in America market. However, one thing that Japanese automobile manufacturer like to do  So the current X-trail is Rogue, but X-trail has three generations to date, and Rogue has only two generations, and the first generation of Rogue and the first two generations of X-trail are completely different, which is a little bit annoying.

The first generation of Rogue in the above picture,and I personally feel that it looks more like Murano.

The first and second-generation X-trail design languages are very tough, similar to the Xterra.

In 2012, Nissan launched Hi-Cross Concept, which is the later X-trail. The shape is very similar to the current production version, and the interior is definitely a bit different, but most of the elements are the same.

X-trail, which began to appear in 2013, has undergone a facelift one time before. In fact, it is nothing more than a small detail to enhance product competitiveness.

After the facelift in 2017, X-trail, the front bumper’s air intake is more hardcore. The style of the wheel hub is also in line with Infiniti, and the overall value is also improved.

This model evaluation is the 1:18 scale version of Rogue produced by Paudi, which is now sold as X-trail. The 18-scale X-trail old version also has a model, but this Paudi version is the re-produce diecast model. How it looks like, let’s take a look!

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