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Shanghai Auto Show as the first auto industry event this year, gathered a lot of strength of the new car. Which has a lot of SUV cars. March launched the Shanghai-Volkswagen Teramont SUV, with the atmosphere of tough shape, large comfortable space and rich high-end configuration and other highlights to attract the audience, the booth is very popular, become one of the biggest focus of the Shanghai auto show.

  Although he is the German cars, but the Teramont is exudes a US Department of hardcore style, large body with a heavy front face design in the momentum with anger from the feeling of self, the overall appearance of the share of domineering It is easy to capture the hearts of male consumers.

  The design of the entire front face to create the feeling of tough masculine, the overall shape of the use of a large number of straight lines to outline the Square upright contour, the air grille is used two sturdy horizontal chrome trim decoration, To match the texture.

we are selling two color of this model car, brown and silver.

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