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Chinese original model cars also have their drawbacks. Original car manufacturers commissioned diecast model factory to producing it are not for sale. Collectors are difficult to get accurate information. If some models are for sales, it’s also hard to know what will be the price. In addition, some car manufacturers in order to control the manufacturing costs of model cars, a little factory will produce “barely” products


There are many models of cars made in China. How to be a better collector for Chinese origianl models. Let’s talk about my personal ideas here for reference by some just-started players.

  1. Brand Collection: At present, the product lines of Chinese auto manufacturers are not as large as others Country manufacturers. Therefore, it’s simple to collect a model of chinese brand. For example, I am going to collect China Toyota series first, then Shanghai Volkswagen series, Dongfeng Nissan series, or independent brand series.
  2. Collective by Level, Except “Brand collection” We can also collective by car level , such as High-grade and executive-grade  sedan, like Camry, Magotan. Or Corolla and Honda civic ect, family sedan. Similar SUV series, MPV series, even truck series
  3. Historical collection: With Chinese cars, the history of Chinese cars is naturally indispensable. Players can also collect models based on history, such as Dongfeng Jinlong, Hongqi CA770, Shanghai SH760 and so on. Move the history of Chinese cars into our cabinets.

Of course, a lot of things are justifications. The above is just a personal humble opinion. If everybody has more detailed information, or a more perfect collection method, please leave us message.


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