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ASX Jin Xuan is an urban SUV produced by Mitsubishi Motors (also can be seen as a Cross model), which is called “RVR” in the Japanese market, and the name “ASX” in China and Europe.
Mitsubishi Jinxuan’s shape continues Mitsubishi’s current family-style design style. The shark-like front face is quite aggressive, and the metal chrome trim on the air intake grille adds to this momentum. However, compared with the CX concept car, Mitsubishi Jinxuan still has a lot of convergence, but compared to other CrossOver models of the same type, it will not look outdated.

Model history
The first generation: the Mitsubishi RVR was released in 1991, remodeled in 1997, and officially discontinued production in 2002.
The second generation: Mitsubishi ASX Jin Xuan imported, which belongs to the sales of Mitsubishi RVR, its Japanese version was launched in early 2010; and the European version was officially released at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2010; then it was at the Beijing Auto Show in April 2010 At the beginning, ASX made its Chinese debut and named it “ASX Jin Xuan”. After a lapse of half a year, ASX Jin Xuan finally officially launched in China, which can basically be regarded as global synchronization.

The ASX Jinxuan imported into China is equipped with a 2.0L MIVECDOHC24 VALVE engine (4B11 engine). Its maximum power is 110kW (150 hp)/6000rpm, and the peak torque is 197N·m/4200rpm. Both the two-wheel drive model and the four-wheel drive model are equipped with a CVT gearbox that can simulate 6 gears. The four-wheel drive system used in the ASX Jinxuan four-wheel drive model is exactly the same as the OUTLANDER EX2.0L model, which belongs to the electric control and timely four-wheel drive.

The texture of ASX’s front fender is resin. Since the fender is made of elastic resin material, it will have obvious depressions when pressed, but when the pressure disappears, the depressions will rebound and recover immediately, reducing the risk of component damage due to minor collisions. However, the maximum pressure that the resin material can bear in this part and the strength of the paint surface were not explained by the manufacturer.

At the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, Mitsubishi Motors launched its new ASX Jinxuan model. As a mid-term facelift, the new car incorporates the latest Mitsubishi family design language into the new car based on the chassis of the current model, making the car look more three-dimensional , More fierce. In particular, the rugged silver front air intake grille, combined with the individual high/low beam integrated headlights on both sides, highlights the unique momentum of the SUV model. The fog lamp design of four independent light sources is not only a highlight of this facelift, but also a reflection of the new car’s recognition.

If we can’t own a real ASX, we might as well buy a model car to enjoy it!

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