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The Highlander, which was born in 2001, is a new concept SUV model of Toyota that combines the versatility of an SUV, the convenience of an MPV and the comfort of a car to meet the various needs of customers.The newly redesigned second-generation Highlander first appeared at the Chicago Auto Show earlier this year.

At the Shanghai Auto Show in April, Toyota exhibited the second-generation Highlander Highlander and officially announced that it will introduce this model as an imported car.The vice president of Toyota Motor Corporation stated at the Shanghai Auto Show: “Highlander is designed to meet the needs of car owners who pursue the image and versatility of an SUV, but also the driving, handling and comfort of a luxury car. “

It is reported that the introduction of the Highlander further improves the concept of the SUV, which perfectly provides driving pleasure while maintaining off-road performance.From the perspective of the chassis, Highlander is an SUV based on a sedan platform. In addition to its versatility, it also has a sedan-like quiet and soft ride.In addition, Highlander has a large body, an innovative and spacious interior space, and is equipped with luxurious and comfortable interiors.In terms of safety, Highlander is also equipped with comprehensive safety equipment and is at the highest level of configuration among similar products.

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