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The Infiniti Q60, available in coupe and convertible versions, is the counterpart to the premium brand’s midsize Q50 sedan. The automaker charges a premium for the two-door Q60 over the four-door Q50 indicated by its higher alphanumeric nomenclature. Rear-drive is standard, while all-wheel-drive is optional. The Q60 (and Q50 sedan) replaced the previous G-series models.

As a two-door coupe, the new Q60 has a lower body posture, and its meniscus C-pillar is sharper than other family models, bringing more dynamic visual effects.The tail design is also a style of the past generations, the role is to speed up the air, bring a lower drag coefficient.The Q60 offers a total of 10 body colors and 3 interior color options for consumers to choose from. One of the photos in the “lava red” is the Q60’s most special color, but also the most beautiful color.

Hi DAS,  goodbye to VQ37!

Must be DAS, it is steer-by-wire. Believe it or not, Anyway, Infiniti is the first in the world and is the only brand using DAS technology. The effect is good or bad. Only the veteran who has tried the car knows best.

The Q60 is equipped with a steer-by-wire DAS. The DAS will also work with the active lane control system (ALC) to actively correct wheel angle deviations caused by strong winds and road bumps during the driving process, effectively alleviating driver fatigue.

In addition, thanks to the electronic signal control, the new Q60 equipped with a steer-by-wire DAS provides customizable modes in addition to preset modes such as preset standards, sports, and snow. The driver can customize steering according to personal habits. Select the power and steering feedback to achieve a customized manipulation experience.

The previous generation of the G37 Coupe became famous. Apart from its superb appearance, it was also related to the VQ37 VHR engine it was equipped with. If it weren’t for this 3.7L V6 engine, “G” would lose its meaning. However, the new generation of Q60 will abandon this Nissan’s best VQ engine in the Chinese market and switch to turbocharged.

Two new Q60 2.0L in-line 4-cylinder turbocharged engines are introduced with a 7-speed automatic transmission. Yes, this power is not Infiniti’s own, but from Mercedes. The 2.0T can output a 350Nm peak torque output with a power of 155 kW (211PS) and a top speed of 235 km/h. Obviously, for a sports car, this kind of power performance is a little regrettable; but if it is not a pursuit of extreme performance as a coupe that takes into account everyday practicality, such power is good.


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