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The car model has higher ornamental value and decorative effect. It is made of high-grade metal materials and plastics. The processing technology is relatively high. The requirements for painting are almost up to the level of real cars, so the maintenance requirements are also very strict.

1、Often wax the paint surface of car models

Generally, when the car model is placed for two to three months, it is necessary to maintain the paint surface. You can use general car wax. When waxing each time, there should not be too much wax. In addition, attention should be paid to the gap of the car model, and the wax should not be dropped into the gap.

2、Pay attention to dust when placing

When placing the car model on a desk or general table, a plexiglass cover should be placed to prevent dust from entering. If you want to create a better atmosphere in the display cabinet, you can play some lights in the display cabinet. But be sure to put a small glass of water in the display cabinet, because the spotlight temperature is relatively high, which will make the paint surface of the car model dry. Put a glass of water, which can keep the humidity in the cabinet.

The maintenance of car models is similar to the maintenance of other handicrafts. It is no more than regular and continuous maintenance.At the same time, attention should be paid to the details. The places where dust is easy to enter into the corners should be cleaned frequently. The maintenance work should be carried out continuously to maintain the beautiful appearance of the car model.

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