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Collecting Diecast Model Vehicles can become addictive. So if you’re spending substantial sums of cash on diecast model vehicles it’s essential that you shield your investment. You can leave the vehicles inside their boxes hidden up in your loft this could protect them but as most of these models are feats of mini engineering they must be out on display and admired by all. If you are only getting started in the area of model car collecting then a fast way to show your model is to purchase ready-made 1: 18 scale display case. These include a foundation in a Perspex top and plastic or wood that forms the lid. 

You need to unscrew your vehicle and put it on the plinth of the display case. There are no screw holes at the plinth therefore the display case should sit on a level surface and you may use a small number of double-sided tape below the tire to stop the version from penetrating whether your display case is knocked. All you need to do now place the lid to the foundation. Your model is now shielded from becoming dusty and from being bashed. As you collection of model vehicles grows a cabinet might become a wise idea to hold your investment. 

Like Paudi produce a range of wall mounted units with sliding 19, Some of the model generates. Many of these cabinets have mirrored springs and shelves without having to touch the vehicle to provide a perspective of your model. If you have even more space for your version car collection you have on the market to get a custom made unit. Remember large cabinets with numerous shelves might need lights to create your models shine. Light-emitting diode lights are always a good option as they don’t have the heat of a tungsten spot light therefore that you won’t risk melting your vehicle collection. 

It’s significant to put your cabinet outside of direct sunlight as it may cause the paint on your version to fade. If you maintain your diecast model is in a screen case you’ll avoid the worst of the dust, but every once in a while you’ll have to clean your mode

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