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Working in a model shop we get asked this question all the time by lady’s trying to buy male relatives, partners or their children a special die cast model.

We try to narrow the field firstly by asking their age. Any one over the age of 50 is generally fond of 1950/60s British classics like Jaguar mk2’s, E-Type Jags, Aston Marten Db5’s (Made famous by Sean Connery in James Bond movies) or MGB sports cars. Grandads tend to like E-Type jags again or earlier MGTC’s. Men in their 20’s to 30’s really like Aston Martens so you can’t go too far wrong with a DB9 or even a Bugatti Veyron. Anyone younger loves the expensive super cars. Ferrari springs to mind instantly but Lamborghinis, Mercedes and Porsche Models should not be forgotten.

Model Cars From Popular TV Show

There are many men out there who follow the BBC Top Gear program and these guys love Pagini Zonda’s, Bugatti Veyrons, Porsche GT’s and Jeremy Clarkson’s favourite the Aston Marten V8 Vanquish. This Christmas a series of super cars with a Stig figurine was released by a diecast manufacturer called Minichamp and these were particularly popular with Top Gear enthusiasts.

Does your man follow cult TV programs? There are many TV and film cars re produced in die cast models. Classics like Dukes of Hazzard, The A Team, Batman, Ghostbusters, Smokey and the Bandit and Knight Rider are always appealing to anyone in their 40’s. Lots of these programs are still popular on satellite channels so do discount them for youngsters who are watching them for the first time.

Model Race Cars

Followers of motor sports would love to receive a model of their favourite racing Car. Model manufacturers like Minichamps, Hot Wheels, Solido and Sunstar have fantastic ranges of F1, Rally, and Le Mans cars in racing livery that would grace any mantel piece.

Model Road Cars

There are so many cars on the road today and in so many colours you will be very lucky to get the exact model of your mans car. If your fella has a top of the range Porsche 911 or Audi TT you stand much more chance that if he has a Honda Jazz. If this is the case look for a model that he may aspire to.

Reasonable Price Car

Also there are many cars in our daily life. A reasonable price daily car is very common. Like VW Golf GTI, Toyota Prius, etc. If you have a diecast which you are driving and you can see it on the road. That’s a fun experience.

How Much To Pay For A Model Car

Another thing to consider is obviously cost. Prices of die cast models range from £25 to £90. What you are paying for is in the main detail. Most models have opening doors, bonnets and boots but the amount of detailing varies inside. Kids tend not to be too fussy and are happy with a cheaper model but the bigger boys will spend ages looking over their model so it is worth spending a little more for the added wow factor.

Model Cars With Custom Fitted Number Plates

In our store we make and fit custom number plates so you can personalise you’re present with his name or if it is a model of his real car, the actual plate registration number. We can even supply plate in black and white so if you had a pre 1973 car it would still look authentic.

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