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1/18 Nissan Rogue (X-Trail) Facelift Review by Paudi Model Leave a comment

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Source from: https://www.diecastxchange.com/forum1/topic/229877-118-nissan-rogue-x-trail-facelift-deby-paudi-model/

Radical departure from the last-gen X-Trail and first time sold in N.America as the Rogue. This new facelifted N.American spec looks much more updated in this very attractively re-styled wrapper. However, like most vehicles in this segment it also has to keep the masses interested but without scaring them off! That’s the best way that I can sum up how I see this vehicle in both N.American & International societies go. This is the US spec’d version and it’s pretty much identical to the European and Chinese spec’d X-Trail. In the US, it’s the best selling Nissan. Even though it was getting a little long in the tooth design-wise, this facelift really is helping to keep it popular with the middle class back stateside. The only thing I didn’t know is if the Rogue also comes in Hybrid or not?

So, I have to say that Paudi never really disappoints me. This time is no exception and the fact that Nissan requested a model of this vehicle in US spec is amazing and thus probably sold at Nissan US dealership parts departments. Nissan pretty much only sending their promotional work to Paudi speaks volumes about their quality in these miniatures. I really think that anyone who can appreciate the many accurate details of a Paudi Model as well as holding one in their hands will appreciate that feeling of robustness and weight.
The entire model obviously uses Nissan CAD data as it’s so precise and features many functioning features that work as they do on the real Rogue. Things like all doors open/liftgate open/hood/bonnet open/working suspension uber detailed lighting systems for the front and rear of the vehicle as well as outstanding wheels, high contrast interior with sliding seats plus multiple stowage covers, and carpeted interior.
Look under the model and you will find a highly detailed solid metal chassis with accurate drivetrain and features. Exterior wise, you’ll notice perforated grill textures, photo-etched badging and flawless paintwork and details between the lower and upper body including chrome appliques!! I really am pleased with this model, it looks good overall and makes for an interesting edition in my growing SUV/Crossover collection!

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