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Source: https://www.diecastxchange.com/forum1/topic/229847-118-infiniti-q70l-facelift-pre-facelift-dealer-editionsby-paudi-model/

So, I have pushed myself to do a lot of editing and watermarking over the past few days, so I am finally getting around to releasing many old images that have been stored for up to two years. That said, I just did get this White Q70L facelifted last year and I already reviewed the pre-facelifted model a couple of years ago.

I really am pleased with these fully opening and highly detailed Paudi Model Infiniti Q70Ls.  I don’t even understand why anyone would even bother to buy the overpriced white or black facelifted Kyosho Samurai Sealed Resin Nissan Cima(which is identical to this facelifted Infiniti Q70L in the same colors and trims)? Perhaps, those customers just didn’t know about the cheaper, opening diecast version..or, perhaps, they just wanted a RHD with a Nissan name tag? 

  Anyway, infiniti is a more premium name, so that makes no sense to me at least.

Well basically, as a past huge Nissan and Infiniti RWD owner and fan. I loved all of my VQ powered cars. So, any chance that I can buy a 1/18th RWD  Infiniti or Nissan product, I will. So if I had stayed back in the US, chances are that I would have bought another Infiniti sedan such as this Q70L, but with Sport trim. I had its previous generation called the Infiniti M35/M50 Sport depending on if you went with a V6 or V8. In Japan that version was called the Nissan Fuga, and was sold a model level under the Q45. However when the Q45 was killed off, Infiniti used this extended wheel-based version for the Chinese market also in N.America to fill its spot.

So, I have had this black colored Q70L for some years and it is a really good and highly detailed model. My black Q70L has even more details than my facelifted white Q70L. The only thing that erked me about my black model was the dinky little wheels that it rolled on from the factory. they were accurate to that car, but dull as a ditch or is that dishwater? Anyway, it looked like it was sitting on small rolling stock. So my friend over in China did me a huge favor and sourced me some larger Infiniti wheels for my model. That was the only thing that I changed on my black Q70L model.
I mentioned that the older Q70L model had more features. Things like swing up center console, opening the glove box and a lift-up rear trunk/boot load floor for the hidden spare tire are all missing on the facelifted white Q70L. However, the newer model’s price is lower than the older release. I forgot to check if the rear seat’s center armrest swings out on the newer facelifted model.

Overall, Paudi Model has done a really good and accurate job on both models by using direct Nissan/Infiniti CAD data. These models are both extremely heavy, including a metal chassis with fully working suspension. Also, both of these models feature a fully detailed motor, four opening doors, sliding front seats, pivoting sun/moonroof with inner sliding cover, properly realistic hinges that support opening hoods/trunks and perforated grilles as well as opening fuel doors. Also, both models have highly detailed suspension and exhaust systems and metal brake discs..oh, and photo-etched badging. They both feel and really are premium diecast models. Right now, the newer one is priced at around $75USD plus shipping. What a bargain!

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